2019 Miss Canada Globe/ Petite
Name: Miss Central Ontario Globe 2019/20, Caitlin Smith
City: Oshawa
Hometown: Ontario
Major Sponsor: TBA


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 Vote for Caitlin to win Miss Peoples Choice and help her advance to final 5 of Miss Canada Globe 2019 Pageant. To see her video please click the link here: https://youtu.be/ImlS8l38W6k

Caitlin is currently graduated from Art @ Techniques hairstyling and esthetics private academy. she graduated with a college degree and highschool diploma, passing with an average of 80%. She applied to Art @ Techniques Academy for their esthetics program. She found interest in their skin care, and wellness routines. She intends to find a job within this field in the near future. born in oshawa ontario, 2000, Kate has travelled and lived in many countries since her birth. living in dominican republic for a year has inspired her to explore different languages, including french, spanish and sign language. her interest in other cultures, religions and languages has encouraged her to pursue a job in teaching to others of different languages. in the near fall Kate will be attending trent university in the Tesol course english as a second language. during her high school years, Caitlin volunteered as a peer tutor in her ESL (english as a second language) class. she also volunteered as a tour guide in her highschool for refugees, and international students. her dance team also performed a dance routine including all different styles of dance. that being said, she has encouraged many international students to participate in outside of school activities including english peer tutoring after school. in peterborough ontario, at the NCC (New Canadians Centre) many of Caitlin's classmates gathered for after school tutoring by other canadian english speaking tutors. this increased many grades and confidence of non-english speakers.

Caitlin has also volunteered for other programs including Lakefield Youth Unlimited. Lakefield Youth Unlimited also known as LYU, was an organization for youth with unstable living conditions. we provided a safe environment for children under the age of 19 to eat, and have fun with activities such as berry picking, the polar plunge for donations, and after school program. most of these activities were run by Mr. Chris Jones and his wife Mrs. Sarah Jones. Mr. Jones insured that it was a safe environment for all the children who participated. Kate was involved with Lakefield Youth Unlimited for 8 years, which won her the Peter Bishop Award for Volunteer of the Year in 2015. Kate also received awards for sports including badminton, volleyball, soccer, dance, musical theatre, art, and sculpting. In 2014 she was nominated for the honor roll, and valedictorian in 2017. Kate is an all around individual.