2019 Miss Canada Globe/ Petite
Name: Miss Ontario Globe 2019/20, Destiny Anderson.
City: Toronto
Hometown: Ontario
Major Sponsor: TBA


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Vote for Destiny to win Miss Peoples Choice and help her advance to the Final 5 of Miss Canada Globe 2019 Pageant. To watch her video, please click the link here: https://youtu.be/sgtJw8sTY4E

19-year-old Destiny was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario where she faced social and personal challenges. Facing these challenges she became a strong fighting force for herself and other vulnerable individuals. Upon graduating from High School she received the Award of Excellence in history and the Carpe Diem award for seizing the day and being the most improved student. Her community involvement has been a volunteer leader at a community program for over two years where she helps to empower and encourage individuals within her neighborhood, this is done by leading the younger children to interactively reflect on their life choices.

Destiny is studying Community and Justice Services and Indigenous studies at Centennial College and in September 2019 she will enter her second year. Destiny has two goals and motivation in life. Her first aspiration is to become a correctional officer where she will be able to help individuals from disenfranchised cultures to curb the tendency of reoffending within the penal system and her second, is becoming a runway and magazine model. Having two aspirations Destiny feels this builds the inward and outward reflection of herself.

Destiny’s hobbies are researching history, dirt bike riding, modeling, make-up application, and helping customers in her part-time job. The pageant will be a platform that enables her to be an advocate for the disenfranchised cultures of Canada.