2019 Miss Canada Globe/ Petite
Name: Miss Petite Central Ontario 2019/20, Priya Kuncham
City: Mississauga
Hometown: Ontario
Major Sponsor: TBA


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Vote for Priya to win Miss Petite Peoples Choice and help her advance to be inthe Final 5 of the Miss Canada Petite 2019 Pageant. To see her video, please click the link below: https://youtu.be/E1o5KrJl7gI

Eighteen year old Priya  was born in India, but moved to Canada at a very young age. She now resides in Mississauga, Ontario. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Human Resources Management degree at York University, she hopes to one day open her own event staffing agency. Some of her hobbies include painting, baking, cycling, rapping, and playing chess. Essentially, it is her hobbies and passions that have shaped her into the person she is today.

She is a goal-orientated, determined, and passionate young woman whose mission in life is to make an impact—knowing that her time on earth has not only benefited her, but the community, her loved ones and the misfortunate. As the saying goes “ it’s the small things that matter the most”, her smallest and simplest achievements is what drives her to do greater things. Her passion for music led her to one of her most precious achievements of winning 2nd place-playing the piano- at the Canadian music league competitions.

Priya is an active member in her community. She understands the importance of inclusion in the development of a community, and demonstrates empathy. From a young age, Priya has been very passionate about volunteering; helping others is something she always goes out of her way to achieve. From working with popular organizations like the Rotary Club and Lions Club, she was able to give back to her community and gain a new perspective on life. Priya believes that participating in this pageant will open a door full of opportunities to work with many more charities and organizations. Growing up, Priya has always been reserved; she hopes that this pageant will accentuate her communication skills giving her the self- confidence that she needs.