2019 Miss Canada Globe/ Petite
Name: Miss Petite British Columbia 2019/20 Vanya Shastri
City: Surrey
Hometown: British Columbia
Major Sponsor: TBA


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Vote for Vanya to win Miss Petite Peoples Choice and help her advance to the Final 5 of Miss Canada Petite 2019 Pageant. To see her video, please click the link here: https://youtu.be/O9gXW8a5t0g

Vanya is 19 years old, was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2000 and moved to Cloverdale, BC in 2008. Currently a student at Vancouver film school. Vanya is passionate about filmmaking, acting, writing, theatre, photography, and a vegetarian by choice. She strives to tell stories, especially the ones that are grittier, on edge and the ones that have been silenced. Vanya graduated from Clayton heights secondary school in June 2018 and has been studying at VFS since two months after graduation last year. In high school she was heavily involved with her school’s theatre company program and was part of cast and crew in three productions during her time there. Vanya was also involved in the leadership program which strives to put others first. Through leadership, she took trips downtown to bring homemade lunches to the homeless, held fundraisers that raised money to build schools in less privileged countries, and offered guidance and mentorship to incoming freshmen.

Her hope, going into her 20s next year, is to embrace a new decade by giving to others. Being crowned Miss Canada petite globe would be a way to continue to inspire young people, learn new stories of strength, adversity, resilience, and to also bring awareness to woman’s issues, education for underprivileged youth, mental health awareness and domestic abuse victims throughout the world. For vanya; true beauty comes from genuine concern and consideration we have for those around us. It’s unanticipated, flawed, and raw with fervency.