2019 Miss Canada Globe/ Petite
Name: Miss Petite Ontario 2019/20, Denicer Cattacutan
City: Mississauga
Hometown: Ontario
Major Sponsor: TBA


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Voter for Denicer to win Miss Petite Peoples Choice and help her advance to the Final 5 of the Miss Canada Petite 2019 Pageant. To see her video, please click the link here: https://youtu.be/RSaSmcMJqxI

Denicer is a 20-year-old student currently attending York University. Her program of choice is Concurrent Education, allowing her to simultaneously obtain her Bachelor’s degree in English, as well as her Bachelor’s in Education. In grade 12, she decided to pursue a career in teaching after taking a specialized program in her high school that enabled her to be a teaching assistant for a grade 10 drama class. Having been born in Bicol, Philippines and migrating to Canada by the age of 9, Denicer fluently speaks both Tagalog and English. She aspires to further her education in order to teach English as a Second Language to high school students. She feels that students coming from countries around the globe deserve a safe space to adjust to their new environment. Her first pageant stint enabled Denicer to work closely with a Filipino organization that promotes inclusivity and diversity all throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This involvement in the community has also allowed her to participate in numerous fashion shows showcasing works from world-renowned designers. Besides modelling and pageantry, Denicer has a passion for singing and acting. During her high school years, she became involved with musicals, talent shows and other annual school performances. Denicer aims to use her platform during this competition to spread awareness about the multiple injustices women face in today’s society within multiple ideological apparatuses.