2021 Miss/ Ms. / Petite and Teen National Delegates
Name: Ann M.
City: Calgary
Hometown: Alberta
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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A native of Kenya, Ann M was raised in Calgary, and now lives in Edmonton where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, she developed a gift and ambition for business. Her dream in business is to guide self-employed individuals in streamlining their business operations in order to expand. She grew up as an athlete and continues to play basketball and volleyball. As a result of family and sport, Ann knows herself to be compassionate, resourceful, a team leader, a hard worker, and competitive. Her personal experiences as a top student, athlete, Catholic, past beauty pageant contestant, and leader in her community have shaped her unique perspective on life. 

Her platform, Know.Love.Lead.: The Journey to Becoming an Empowered Woman, was birthed out of her own life struggles and created to help women embrace their perfect imperfections while striving to know, love and lead herself. She seeks to live by example in developing self awareness, (know), building self-worth (love) and achieving self-mastery (lead). 

Apart from her passion for business and personal development, people would be surprised to know that Ann loves the magic of Disney…. princesses! Her guilty pleasure is a captivating historical fiction novel and dark chocolate with everything. Adventures in nature, dancing, chocolate, road trips, networking,dream building and  learning something new (currently, rollerblading) are all things that light her up inside.