2021 Miss/ Ms. / Petite and Teen National Delegates
Name: Quinn T.
City: Calgary
Hometown: Alberta
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Born and raised on Lasqueti Island in the West Coast of Canada, currently living in Calgary Alberta. Quinn has the warmth of a Westerner, and the free spirit of her Coastal Family. She has the strength of a lumberjack and the charm of a Broadway Star. There are many goals on the go in her life, getting her Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology with a minor in philosophy, with a special side focus on Sign Language. It doesn't stop with school though, Quinn runs a full time photography studio focusing in on womans empowerment, her goal is to show as many women a new perspective of their beauty as she possibly can.

On top of all of that she has huge ambition in the acting industry starring in her first feature film this past year, 'February's Dog'. This film and the character she played was very close to her heart, it surrounded around mental health awareness. She was inspired by the film to start her own mental health show called "Let's Talk Mental Health". You can catch her show airing on Roku TV on the TorontoLive.TV Network. Quinn has so many life ambitions, mainly though, she wants to bring people together and help everyone build each other up to attain the successes they are looking for in life. She looks forward to making new connections and strong friendships through this incredible pageant experience.