2021 Miss/ Ms. / Petite and Teen National Delegates
Name: Tatum A.
City: Frog Lake
Hometown: Alberta
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Tatum is anIndigenous woman from Frog Lake First Nation. She was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and raised in Frog Lake, Alberta. Tatum became very active in her Cree traditional way of life from an early age and continues to do so today. She participated in various traditional ceremonies which include the yearly Sundance, Sweat Lodge, and Pow-Wows. She often shares traditional teachings she has been taught by Ceremonial Elders from various First Nation Communities. Tatum received a sash and a beaded crown for achieving the title of Miss St. Paul Division Senior Princess for 2015/2016. As a Senior Princess, Tatum was tasked to be a positive role model for Indigenous Youth and to represent her home community at various events within the pow-wow circuit. As the Senior Princess, Tatum had the opportunity to meet countless talented Indigenous people.

Tatum recently completed the Makeup Artistry course at The Style Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan where she achieved to be aCertified Makeup Artist. She’s striving to become successful in the beauty industry by applying skills she attained.  She’sapplying to the University of Saskatchewan for the nursing program which she is determined to follow through with, because of her care and concern for people’s health. This decision was clear for Tatum because of the COVID-19 Pandemic while she help with the Frog Lake First Nation COVID-19 Emergency Planning Team.

In 2015, Tatum participated in Team SADD (Students Against Drinking and Driving) for Heinsburg Community School. She was a guest speaker at a SADD Conference in Calgary, Alberta where she had the responsibility to introduce a guest spokesperson who talked about the effects of drinking and driving.

 Tatum is hoping to meet more lifelong friends and, bring more attention to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.