2021 Miss/ Ms. / Petite and Teen National Delegates
Name: Alycia B.
City: St-Georges
Hometown: Quebec
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Alycia was born in St-Georges, in the province of Québec. Described as smiling , persevering, ambitous , ordered and supporting. This girl from the city is a real natural beauty with a big heart.

Alycia’s passion is to dance. At 5 years old, her parents thought she was a ball of energy, so they enrolled her in a dance class saying that it was going to help her spend energy. 10 years later she is still in the spotlight. Dance allows her to express herself and be who she really is.

Since last year, she is interested in modeling and photography. After taking a class at the Emamodels agency she realized that she is very photogenic and taking pictures help her develop her creativity by directing people how to pose.

Younger, she was victim of intimidation. Her way to escape these difficult moments was to go shopping. It was her way to clean her mind. When she is looking for clothes she lives in the present moment. She is always smiling during this hobby.

Her hard pass motivated her to pick the “Jasmin Roy" foundation. Not only, they help people that are living intimidation, but help also in preventing this phenomenon to the population. One of their ways to give their support is to offer money to different schools, so they can afford to pay interveners that are specialized to work with the different intimidation files.