2021 Miss/ Ms. / Petite and Teen National Delegates
Name: Saryna W-M.
City: Montreal
Hometown: Quebec
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Saryna is an outgoing woman from Montreal Quebec. Saryna has studied in social science leading to a career in law, nursing and now fresh into forensic science and criminalistics! Saryna loves kids more than anything! She took part in her first pageant, Miss Quebec competing in the finals as a finalist in 2019-20. Saryna loves camping with her family, and being in the outdoors, while still loving to go out with the girls! She grew up with 2 brothers, and she loves sports! Saryna is hoping that with the pageant, she can start a foundation for toddlers and children! Saryna loves to draw and paint, and is very creative, she loves to read and write, go out with friends and she hopes to travel soon! Saryna’s dream is to travel and visit sick children around the world and take pictures with children in each location! Saryna has big dreams and wants to accomplish each one! Saryna’s goals are to work in a crime lab and on crime scenes, and work in a daycare. Saryna has volunteered at soup kitchens, homeless shelters serving food, old folks homes and even daycares! She will be volunteering at the Montreal animal shelters, hospitals and much more! Saryna loves to smile and laugh and is always happy. She loves to reflect happy, positive energy to everyone who crosses her path and give off a sparkling experience everywhere she goes! Saryna is especially excited to meet all the delegates and create a sisterhood and friendship that will last a lifetime!