2021 Miss/ Ms. / Petite and Teen National Delegates
Name: Afsaneh Z.
City: Port Coquitlam
Hometown: British Columbia
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Afsaneh got her bachelor in sport physiology, as she was in love with sport in her whole life she pursued her degree of Master's in kinesiology. She is a former professional basketball player and she got her basketball coach certification in 2016.

She was born in Iran and moved to Canada in 2018. She is a screening officer at YVR airport now. In the past few years she has been working with airlines and airport security. charity work and community involvement, Afsaneh has worked with Canucks organization to spread the autism awareness. She also was one of the volunteer for Santa Claus flight for children diagnosed with life-threatening illness. Through entering the pageant, she hopes to gain more opportunities in the future to work with charities across the country. When new programs and opportunities arise, she is always there to take part.

She also loves percussion instruments and she plays Daf as a way to express herself, to unleash her creativity, to be inspired and uplifted, to relax, and to relieve stress and tension.

Afsaneh’s friends describe her as an optimistic, humorous, sympathetic, and friendly. She has always been known to cheer up anyone with her outgoing personality. She is an ambitious young woman who is passionate in all she does. Afsaneh enjoys, hiking, playing basketball, watching movie, meeting new people and especially travelling.