2021 Miss/ Ms. / Petite and Teen National Delegates
Name: Anjali B.
City: Mississauga
Hometown: Ontario
Major Sponsor: coming soon


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Anjali  was born in San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago. As a child, she has been to many countries/islands in the Caribbean. She lived in Trinidad, St. Maarten, Florida, and Canada. Anjali just graduated high school and is on her way to college to pursue the child and youth care program to help children. In senior year of high school, she was the manager on the dance team, along with being one of the dancers. She loves family, especially children. Her dream is to help children in any way she can. Growing up, Anjali loved the beach, especially the ocean. She loves photography and cars. She likes to take pictures of sunsets, the ocean, or anything that catches her eye or even something with meaning behind it. Her favourite brands of cars are Honda, Acura, Nissan, McClaren, and Lamborghini. Her dream car is a Nissan GTR. Her talent is playing the piano. She can play different genres of music like Indian, Pop, or R&B. Anjali's favourite genres of music to listen to is Soca, Chutney, Indian, R&B, and Rap. Along with that, she also sketches. Her sketches are of mostly Hindu Gods like Ganesh, Hanuman, and many more. She enjoys traveling and experiencing what the world has to offer. She enjoys to shop and spend as much time she has with friends and family. Anjali tries to embrace her Hindu/ Caribbean culture as much as she could, as she is proud to be who she is. Her favourite sport to play and watch is cricket. She would like to experience at least one of these things in life: a drive in movie with friends, watching the stars with friends til 3AM, skydiving, vacationing in New Zealand with friends and family, and be a foster mom or adopt a child.