2021 Miss/ Ms. / Petite and Teen National Delegates
Name: Keely W.
City: Sioux Lookout
Hometown: Ontario
Major Sponsor: coming soon


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Keely is a young beautiful indigenous woman, who is very glad to be representing her community, Cat Lake First Nation. Keely is 19 years old, born in Thunder Bay, ON and raised in Cat Lake First Nation.
Keely currently attends college at Confederation in Thunder Bay (taking Early Childhood Education, also graduated high school at Pelican Falls First Nation High School. Keely loves to fool around with makeup, likes to play basketball and volleyball, learning about her culture, likes jogging and lastly, Keely wants to be a model as it was one of her dreams as a preteen and sees this as an awesome opportunity.


Keely represents her culture and the Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Canada needs to know about our pain we feel of the loss from justice who have denied us, and it echoes through our history, our present and will echo into our future if we fail to act. Keely wants to ask everybody to stand with her and allies in solidarity with Indigenous families and communities to honour the lives of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls whose lives have been cut short to violence and to support all First Nations, Metis, Inuit members across Canada.


Keely is one bright spirit who happily helps other people when they are in need, as she knows how it feels to struggle. Keely is fun and very outgoing; Keely is very warm hearted also very kind to everybody.
Keely will be moving to Sault Ste. Marie for many reasons as its her dream city to live in, very beautiful city to settle in. Keely will be finishing off her college there and going further into her career and life.