2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Ariana P.
City: Calgary
Hometown: AB
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Ariana was born in North Bay Ontario and moved with her mom to Alberta when she was one years old and has lived in Alberta since. She currently lives in Calgary Alberta and just graduated from high school and in the fall is planning on attending Ambrose University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  Ariana would like to become a teacher to help and encourage students who have learning disabilities to love learning and to pursue their dreams. 

Ariana has been Figure Skating since she was five years old and is currently a triple Gold skater in Starskate. She hopes to be a quad gold skater in the next year. She just received her Canskate coaching license and wants to one day be a figure skating coach. This past year in Star 8 level Ariana received third place in the leading edge series in Alberta. In her club (Crowchild Skating Club) she received the Sportsmanship Award this year.

Ariana has a deep desire for missions, when she was twelve she had the opportunity to travel with a mission team to Honduras, where she got to help out at an orphanage for a week. In 2015, Ariana went to Dominican Republic with her church as a part of Missions.Me One Nation One Day. This past July Ariana had the opportunity along with her church to join Missions. Me One Nation One Day once again and traveled to Nicaragua to speak at schools and encourage young people to stay in school and pursue their dreams.

Ariana wants to see young people to become their best. She likes to get involved in charities and organizations that have the same desire to see young people reach for their dreams.  Being a part of Miss Canada Globe will give Ariana the opportunity and platform to do this on a wider scale.

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