2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Brittney N.
City: Botwood
Hometown: NL
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Brittney currently resides in the small town of Botwood in Newfoundland. Although she was born in Scarborough Ontario, Newfoundland will always be home to her. She is a high school graduate at Botwood Collegiate, working a full time position in retail to help raise funds for post- secondary. Her job fulfills her need of working with the public and helping people with things sometimes as simple as what pair of jeans to buy. This position is directing her in the path of looking into jobs such as social work or public relations for her career choice.

Brittney loves giving back to her community in whatever way she is able to! In high school she was the band major and a PO2 in her sea cadet corps, this will be her third year being the president of the 4-H club in her area, and every year she fills up backpacks to give to her local Boys and Girls Club for families who can’t afford school supplies.

As much as Brittney adores the glitz and glam life, she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty camping, fishing, and teaching her younger 4-H members basic survival skills such as how to make a fire and have a homemade outdoor cook up.
Some day she would like to travel the world and see all the different cultures and diversity it has to offer because she says being from a small town sometimes shelters you from how big the world really is. One major trip she would like to take would be to visit her Exchange student brother, Raimundo, in Brazil. 

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