2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Chenille R.
City: Natuashish
Hometown: NL
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She was born in Happy Valley - Goose Bay. At age 9 She lived in St. John’s, but now She lives in reserve Natuashish, Labrador. she’s attend school in Mushuau Innu Natuashish. She have lived with his  uncle/dad since she was born. her uncle worked in the finance office in her town. She mostly grew up with boys and She played outside a lot together, when she was 11. Her cousin Etyanna was born was replaced in our care. She’s been with us for 4 years. Her grandmother always taught her not to say stuff that isn’t meaningful, also taught her our Innu language and traditional way of life. Her grandmother is her teacher, she’s always there for her whenever, she feeling like giving up, she motivates her to do stuff that she likes to do. In my spare time Chenille  like to play volleyball and hang out with her friends. She have  been playing volleyball and hockey since she was 12. She is  member of the Innu Hawks hockey team. Chenille love cook and bake, enjoyed hanging out around school and around house. She started helping out kids in the community when she was in grade 5. Her uncle/dad organized youth activities in his spare time and helps out at Next Generation Guardians office. The office of NGG is starting to put a lot of activities for youths in the community; the youth are really talented here in my community. After graduated, She would like to attend St. George’s University, she want to become a doctor when She Grow up, She always like to help youth and people.


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