2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Coral-Lee J.
City: Sechelt
Hometown: BC
Major Sponsor: Clayton's Heritage Market


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Coral-lee was born July 17 in Sechelt, BC. Coral-Lee is a first time Miss Teen Canada Pageant contestant.  Coral-lee has been in Ballet and Tap Dancing since the age of 3.  3 years of ballet and 7 years of tap (1 year participating in both classes during the same semester of dance) at the Coast Academy of Dance.  At the end of each dance season, there are 4 public performances throughout one weekend.  Coral-Lee has stood in front of 40 audiences and has enjoyed each and every time she has stepped onto the stage.  Coral-lee thoroughly enjoys performing on stage. Coral-Lee has also been a part of the Kwamstut singing/drumming group also since the age of 3.   Coral-Lee has always LOVED singing our cultural songs, along side of her grandmother (who has since passed away in 2010), grandfather, mother and sister. Coral-lee has performed in front of many important politicians: such as the Chinese Consolate in 2011 (age 7).  Coral-lee has become a role model and inspiration to her younger family members and has encouraged others to join the group which now has transformed in a new group of peers her own age and younger which is now called the Tl’ikwem Dance Group. Coral-lee is the lead female dancer of all the children. Tl’ikwem Dance Group has performed many public performances. This past summer Coral-Lee has volunteered, participated and assist supervise at a summer day/overnight at Camp Stalashen on traditional territories of the Shishalh Nation. Coral-lee is a very good artist, confident, is a very well-spoken, carring and  polite young lady and is not shy to engage in conversations with anyone. Coral-Lee comes from various nations of the Salish territories and is very proud of all her roots throughout the Musqueam, Sechelt, Sliammon and Nanaimo Nations. 


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