2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Jasmine R.
City: New Aiyansh
Hometown: BC
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Jasmine was born on December 23rd in Prince George B.C and is proud to be First Nations. Jasmine lives in Gitlaxt’aamiks (New Aiyansh) located in the beautiful Nass Valley. She’s currently attending Skeena Middle School for grade nine and in September will be attending Caledonia Secondary School for grade ten. Both of these schools are located in Terrace B.C.Jasmine has remarkable goals in life that include helping change the world one step at a time and going to UBCs Peter A. Allard School of Law to become a family lawyer. She is wise beyond her years and believes that every person in the world should be treated equally regardless of their age, sexuality or gender. Jasmine is a strong believer in equality. She also believes instead of being taught to “cover up” our bodies we should be taught to love and embrace our bodies.In her free time Jasmine enjoys playing sports such as basketball and soccer. When not playing sports she goes for walks and absorbs nature’s beauty. What she loves most is laying in the soft green grass watching the sun set and star gazing. She loves doing these activities with her friends but always makes sure to put school first. Jasmines favourite subject in school is English, especially writing about the things she loves in a descriptive essay. Jasmine a strong believer in God. During the summer Jasmine spends a lot of her time at the Salvation Army Camp Mountain View learning not only about God but learning more about herself. She goes to church as much as she can and continues to praise the Lord at home and reading the bible. With God by her side, Jasmine knows that she can achieve her goals and help change the world.


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