2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Joanna C.
City: Calgary
Hometown: AB
Major Sponsor: Honey Bear Day Care


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Joanna was born in Pakistan, and moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada over 20 years ago. Being raised in such a multicultural country, Joanna grew a passion of educating herself about different countries & cultures around the world. Soon after high school, Joanna found herself enrolled in the Travel & Tourism program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. During this two year Diploma she was able to travel to a number of countries, and live as locally as possible, falling more in love with the cultural background of every destination she traveled to. Recently Joanna has put her travelling on hold to focus on her career as a Financial Services Manager at a local company.

     Joanna has also focused much of her free time working with children. Over the years she has spent her summer’s volunteering at a local daycare, working with children 12 months to 6 years of age. She has always had a passion of working with children, and helping in the early development stages of their childhood. Along with volunteering at a Day Care, Joanna also spends her Friday nights leading a Youth Group for teens in a more troubled part of the city. The main purpose of this Youth Group is to create a safe place for the teens to spend their Friday night, all while helping them prepare for life after their teenage years are done.

     More recently Joanna has started to work with the Women In Need Society (WINS) which is based out of Calgary, Alberta. This is an outstanding non-profit organization that has worked with local women & their families for over 25 years! WINS has a number of Thrift Stores around the city, where they help women and their families get back on their feet, whether they are new to the country, or in an unstable chapter of their life. Joanna looks forward to working with the Women In Need Society to educate young women across Canada about Domestic Violence, and how to seek help when in a situation regarding abuse of any kind. Joanna is very passionate about teaching young girls of her past, and using her running for Miss Canada Globe 2017 as a platform to fight against domestic violence.


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