2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Marie-Luce M.
City: Quebec City
Hometown: Quebec
Major Sponsor: Friends and Family


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Marie-Luce is born in Haiti and was adopted at the age of 2 years old by loving and generous parents. In her opinion, if she could have become the woman she is today, it is surely because of them and her elder sister who has always been a role model for her. These three together have transmitted to her values R03;R03;that she considers fundamental such as generosity, mutual aid, righteousness, dedication and sweetness. Moreover, those values are reflected in her hobbies and aspirations. Marie-Luce has practiced cheerleading for over a decade and this sport has allowed her to compete on a worldwide level. Therfore, it is undoubtedly true that she has an excellent team spirit. She is currently studying law has always wanted to be a lawyer, because for her it is a way to give back to her community by allowing those in need to find solutions to their problems. In addition, aware of the lack of access to justice, she was very enthusiastic about her participation in the ProBono program of the Pro Bono Students Canada during the 2016-2017 school year. That being said, she plans to repeat the experience this year and subsequently throughout her career. The main qualities of Marie-Luce being generosity, empathy and her attentive ear, it is easy to believe that they have guided her to this profession. If she decided to participate in Miss Canada Globe 2017 today, it is because she firmly believes that this experience is much more than a competition, but rather an opportunity for enrichment and personal development without equal. It is clear to her that at the end of the pageant week, all the contestant will return home winners of this beautiful and great adventure.


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