2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Nadine J.
City: Mississauga
Hometown: ON
Major Sponsor: EAU Swimwear, DJ Big C


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Nadine was born and raised in the city of Toronto, but she currently resides in Mississauga. She is a student at Ryerson University, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Applied Science. Her ultimate goal is to establish a career in the medical field to encourage and promote the importance of health and fitness. Her motto: health is wealth. When she's not attending classes or studying for tests, Nadine spends her time in the gym either training herself or her clients. She takes pride in helping people achieve their fitness goals in order to be a better version of themselves. Nadine has found staying active and helping others helped her navigate through the loss of her father to cancer just last year. She hopes to continue using training and helping as a positive outlet. The spirit of giving and helping was instilled in Nadine from a young age by her mother. As part of her church youth group, she participated in a wide range of events and projects: feeding the homeless, collecting items for the local food bank, cleaned up community parks, and joined anti-drug marches. She continues to give back to her community in various ways. Nadine's passion for fitness and her spirit of giving has inspired her to become a model. She has started her journey by participating in various charity fashion shows and modelling in photo shoots for special events. By competing in this pageant, she hopes she will inspire others to pursue their passions in order to make a difference in their community. She aims to continue exploring opportunities that combine her interest in health and fitness with her passion for helping others. Hopefully this pageant is one of those opportunities.


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