2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Raeywen M.
City: Calgary
Hometown: AB
Major Sponsor: Calaway Park, Heritage Park, EXIT escape Calgary,


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Raeywen was born in the Philippines. Representing the city of Calgary, Raeywen joined Miss Canada Petite Globe convinced that by being a beauty queen, she can further promote her advocacy to help children with disabilities. She graduated Power Engineering Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and is planning to pursue Mechanical Engineering in the near future. Raeywen loves singing, sketching, playing guitar, cooking, and traveling. Her ultimate dream destination is Italy. Aside from already being into financial services and modelling, Raeywen would also like to become a make up artist because it is her passion and she likes the feeling when others feel beautiful. Raeywen is motivated by acts of kindness and the drive to make those around her feel loved and happy that is why she loves to volunteer for local charities especially those that are for the benefit of children with special needs. Her favourite organization to work with is Between Friends, an organization that provides quality social, recreation and self-development opportunities for people with disabilities to connect grow and belong.

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