2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Samantha D.
City: Sarnia
Hometown: ON
Major Sponsor: Sunsar


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Samantha is currently a student at St. Patrick’s Catholic high school in Sarnia, Ontario. She strives to have a career in the medical field. The passion to pursue this stems from her love of making others laugh and continually wanting to help others. She is a honours student at her high school and enjoys gaining the knowledge and education that she is surrounded by, including friends, family, teachers, and the people of her diverse community. Although education is very important, she has participated in many extracurricular activities throughout her life such as dance, gymnastics, acting, basketball, volleyball, soccer, art, and much more. In addition, her hobbies are reading, shopping, hanging out with friends, and adventuring. She always strives to do the best she can and loves getting involved with her community. Samantha also enjoys giving back to her community, most recently, she volunteered at an event called “Kids Fun Fest”, helping people at booths and making sure everyone had a great time. She has taken part in christmas gift wrapping in the mall and was a volunteered throughout the summer at an amazing day camp for kids. Samantha’s motivation in life is the laughter and enjoyment of the people she is surrounded by. She never fails to have a good time, always has a positive outlook, and smiles with whomever she is with. Her reasoning for participating in the pageant, is in hopes of meeting others who love life's unexpected adventures and challenges, to gain knowledge, and to make her community proud. 

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