2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Savannah B.
City: Inuvik
Hometown: NT
Major Sponsor: Canadian North


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Savannah, a 14 year old Inuvialuit/Cree girl was born on a Thursday morning of September 25th, 2002.  She was born in the capital city of the NT, and raised in her fathers’ hometown of Fort Smith NT for the first twelve years of her life. She has gone out to cultural camps, learning her father’s Dene ethnicity.  Before the move to her mother’s homeland, she graduated sixth grade at the local school, Joseph Burr Tyrell Elementary School. After her father’s passing in March, 2013, Savannah took an interest in cosmetics just before reaching seventh grade of school in Inuvik, NT. 

She enjoys going out on the land with her family to their camps around Tuktoyaktuk, in order to get the feel of the Inuvialuit lifestyle, which is her mother’s ethnic origin.  She is currently attending East Three Secondary school and has completed her last year of junior high.   Savannah always worked hard for what she wanted; whether it be competing in this pageant, or buying a new makeup palette to add to her collection.   She loves doing make-up for her friends and family to enhance her make-up artist skills.  Even though she’s a small town girl, she’s a city girl at heart. She enjoys working at her job as a cashier with the Northwest Company, along with raising  awareness for Moya Moya Disease, which is what her father succumbed to and is very close to her heart, when she isn't doing her schoolwork or hanging out with her friends.  She has recently taken on a 2nd job with the Foxy Group (Fostering Open expressions Among Youth), which she loves, as she is a peer facilitator and enjoys working with this group. She loves adventure, has a passion for cosmetics, and thrives on meeting new people who enjoy her same interests.