2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Shania D.
City: Hamlet of Conklin
Hometown: AB
Major Sponsor: Conklin Community Association


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Shania is a Métis/Cree woman, born in Fort McMurray, AB and raised in the Hamlet of Conklin, AB by her Kokum. Shania has 3 younger siblings. After the sudden death of her Mother in 2006, Shania knew it was important she be a good role model for her siblings. Shania's Kokum taught her how to speak her native language (Cree) and many of her cultural traditions. Shania has attended many talent shows all over Northern Alberta where she has won many trophies and metals for her self-taught traditional Métis jigging. Shania's hometown of Conklin recognizes her for promoting her Métis culture and the volunteer work she has done with the elders of her community. Throughout the years, Shania has won many awards in school for attendance, native arts, student of the year and the Regional Aboriginal Recognition Award. 

Shania recently moved in with her Auntie in the neighbouring community of Lac La Biche, AB to attend J.A Williams for a more well rounded high school experience. Although this has been a huge change for her, Shania has embraced the challenge the way she does all life's challenges, with an outgoing, positive and determined spirit. She has joined many sports teams where she does her best to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the team.

Shania wants to help create more awareness for mental health issues among the Aboriginal & Métis youth in small Northern Communities. This is a subject that is close to Shania’s heart and one she sees she can help with. Shania feels part of what is missing for these youth are age appropriate role models, this is why she works so hard to set the example that a positive attitude, hard work and determination are an essential part of life.


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