2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Shantelle J.
City: BC
Hometown: Victoria
Major Sponsor: Royal Rooter Plumbing


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Shantelle was born on May 18 in Victoria BC. She grew up in a military family in Victoria, but spent her first two years of her life in Bermuda. She’s always had an interest and a passion for the heroic acts of the Canadian military and veterans - in High School she volunteered her spring break to the local HMCS Malahat for Sailor-for-a-week volunteer program, then after her 23rd birthday she had a full-time job at a members-only veterans club.

Shantelle also has had a lifelong passion for animals and the environment. She has made donations to the Victoria SPCA and aspires to help organize fundraisers for the BC SPCA and her goal is to promote awareness for animal cruelty and global warming.

Shantelle has worked in the hospitality industry and childcare for several years. She’s worked as a bartender, server and as a Early Childhood Caretaker. A career-orientated woman, her goal is to return to college and receive her RPN (Registered Psychiatric Nurse). She wishes to help others overcome trauma as she has and make a difference in other people's lives.

In her spare time, Shantelle’s favourite activities are yoga, painting, going to the beach with her friends and dog, water sports and spending time with her family. She is overjoyed to be a part of Miss Canada Globe 2017 and believes that her passions and modelling experience make her a good candidate; but above all, she wishes to bring inspiration to young women to accomplish their personal goals and dreams.