2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Shanti D.
City: Rankin Inlet
Hometown: NU
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Shanti is currently enrolled at Maani Uluyuk School in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. A community of 3000 people, where it’s only accessible by air. Shanti’s modelling career started at age 9, started by entering into local pageant’s run by her home community, then eventually expanded her opportunities by attending Gala’s and showing off her talent. Shanti sees herself as a fashionista. She is into fashion, make-up, and hair. Growing up she participated in numerous local pageants run by her home community. Where she modeled local designer clothing. Shanti was awarded for best dressed, and the great talent award. Shanti really enjoys dressing up and putting together outfits for her friends and family. Sports are another popular thing in Shanti’s busy lifestyle. She plays soccer and volleyball which had allowed her to participate in many territorial, and National tournaments to represent her home town/territory. Shanti enjoys baking, shopping, and travelling as well. The reason Shanti decided she wanted to participate with this pageant, was because she wanted to gain new friends, in addition she felt this experience was a great opportunity to take part in a world-wide event to gain confidence which will help her in her future endeavors as a model. Through entering this pageant, she hopes to gain more confidence and opportunities for future events to work with local seamstresses one being her mother, the community and across the Territory as well. It took Shanti a lot of her spare time to attend this event. Shanti ran penny sales, bake sales, and did licensed raffles to raise the amount of money she needed for this event. Shanti gives a huge shout out to her many volunteers, and local sponsors who helped her with being able to attend this great opportunity.


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