2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Shayla S.
City: n/a
Hometown: n/a
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Shayla has worked hard to receive her diploma in nutritional therapy, and is in the third year of her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. She aspires to earn her doctorate in physical rehabilitation with a specialization in paediatrics. Shayla wants to be able to assist children with mobility after surgeries and continue their dreams of sport, with or without disability. She is passionate about inspiring children to never give up on their goals, to always stay active, and to never lose their smile, no matter their set backs.

Shayla has volunteered her time with Physical Literacy programs, KidSport Victoria, and Team J.A.C.K (Journey Against Cancer in Kids), by running minor games, coaching a variety of sports, and introducing elementary school classes to sporting events like the women’s national volleyball championships. She also embraces her inner princess by skating with children and their family’s as Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen, for the Lions Club. She loves to see children get excited about physical activity and develop through play and imagination. 

While not at school, Shayla finds her self at home in her skates. Whether it’s teaching skating lessons, or practicing her own sport of figure skating, Shayla can be found on the ice. Receiving leadership and humanitarian awards throughout her schooling and sporting endeavours, Shayla has been recognized in her community as a strong leader who brings positivity wherever she goes. 

Not only is Shayla intrigued by engaging her community in fitness and healthy living, she is also an advocate for mental health awareness. Shayla empowers other women to find the same resilience inside themselves, that they see in her. She reminds other’s, as well as her self, that everyone is beautiful for a reason, everyone has a purpose and to simply do what makes you happy.


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