2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Soleil C.
City: Windsor
Hometown: ON
Major Sponsor: Studio 16 Salon


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Soleil, an upcoming model in Vancouver was born June 15,1995. She was raised in a small city called Windsor, Ontario. She was raised by her mother, Cheryl, along with the help from many wonderful friends and family. At a young age Soleil spent most of her time creating dance routines, spending hours in the mirror trying new poses and walks, to even roleplying her favourite characters. Along with having such support and encouragement at home Soleil found there was no reason for her not to go and chase her dreams. 
   At the age of 18 that's exactly what she did, she set off to Vancouver to make a name for herself in the entertainment and modeling agency. After only one year Soleil had hit her first Magazine. An international pin up  issue called Delicious Dolls. Following her first fashion show held at Rain Ultra Club in Gastown Vancouver. After a few years of physical and mental preparation, Soleil is proud to be officially signed to Numa Models a high end Canadian Modeling agency and she could not be happier. 
    However aside from modeling and entertaining, Soleil also has a strong passion for environmental rights. Which was instilled in her at a young age by her mother. Soleil had attendted several peaceful rallies, creaded petitions and awareness to progress towards a more eco friendly way of thinking. 
   With such a beautiful country comes great responsibility and we must make sure we maintain the land for future generations to come. This is what sparked the desire for her to run for Miss Canada Petite. It takes her love for beauty and entertainment but also allows her to have a voice. After just celebrating Canada's 150th birthday she hopes to help make sure Canada has a 150 more beautiful birthdays. As a commitment to this belief Soleil had decided to donate half of her reward if she has the honor be crowned Miss Canada Petite to the WWF which is a Canadian organization working to protect Canada's nature and wildlife.