2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Tenisha C.
City: Calgary
Hometown: AB
Major Sponsor: Sushil Nand *APP EXPRESS*


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Tenisha is born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She has completed High School but is unsure of whether she wants to stay In Calgary for further studies. She loves to be in front of the camera, and one day hopes to pursue a career in the Modeling and Film Industry. She's building her portfolio, and does her own makeup for every photoshoot. Tenisha currently works in the cosmetic industry as a Counter Manager for Lise Waiter. Lise Waiter is a Canadian Cosmetic Brand. She also bartends at night to help support her living costs and responsibility's. Tenisha's passion for makeup started when she was in elementary school, she learned most techniques from being self-taught. In August 2016, she got an Accredited Beauty Consultant Certificate and is now a certified Makeup Artist. Tenisha comes from a very diverse family, the most support came from her community. She's very independent and learned to be at a young age. She has a positive outlook on life, and that's empowered her to be successful.  She loves to travel and learn about different cultures around the world. She loves to meet new people. She believes that every experience is a lesson. Such as overcoming pride, acceptance, controlling your fears, and to declare with love. Tenisha is a proud Canadian, who is ready to put her heart and soul into the Miss Canada Petite Beauty Pageant.


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