2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Tessa H.
City: Thunder Bay
Hometown: ON
Major Sponsor: Family and Friends


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Tessa was born and raised in Thunder Bay, ON. Tessa is honored that in this milestone year she has the opportunity to represent her country as a Miss Canada Globe hopeful. Tessa believes in Canada’s diversity, strength and dreams to conquer. Tessa will be pursuing her dream in the Welding Techniques Program at Cofederation College. She loves the idea of starting a career in a male dominated field. Despite challenges, Tessa is blessed with a beautiful attitude. Her ability to see the good in everyone, and to put others before herself, have been gifts since she was a little girl.  She hopes to share her love for life with others. Given this opportunity, Tessa hopes to spend the next years giving back to her community assisting children that face challenges on a daily basis.  On a larger scale, Tessa wants to raise awareness on “Hidden Disabilities” children face in today’s world.  Child Depression, ADHD, ODD and Anxiety, to name a few, are issues dear to her. Tessa loves to travel. Her hope is that her future holds many opportunities to advocate for children all around the world. Tessa loves sports. As a youngster she played hockey, soccer and softball, Tessa would always be up for a neighbourhood game of street hockey. Being center of attention is not something Tessa is completely comfortable with; but as a Miss Canada Globe delegate, Tessa will embrace every experience and conquer this fear, showing young people that anything is possible when you put your heart and soul into it. The idea of making life-long friendships and being able to take part in such a unique experience, although intimidating, is exhilarating to her.  She knows for so many, things don’t come easy.  Tessa tries teaching everyone “to look for the rainbows during the rain”.

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