2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Victoria B.
City: Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Hometown: NL
Major Sponsor: Coming Soon


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Victoria, a Nunatsiavut Beneficiary, was born on September 24 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. She lives with her parents and has been raised with 2 older brothers, a younger brother and younger sister. She is a French Immersion student who will be attending Mealy Mountain Collegiate in her home town in September. Victoria volunteers for Nunatsiavut Health and Social Development with a youth group. A large part of Victoria's time is devoted to our local theater, the Lawrence O'Brien Art Center. As well as acting in several productions there, she began volunteering as a stage hand at the age of 10. Victoria is now employed part time there as a sound/light technician as well as continuing to volunteer. Her short-term goal is to successfully complete DELF B2 before graduating high school in 2020. Her hobbies include Skating, Playing Hockey Singing, Dancing, Acting, Reading and Snuggling with her Maltese Shitzu, Nino. While attending a divisional figure skating competition she was awarded a bronze medal for placing 3rd out of 43 children in her category. Victoria has received awards for Most Improved Student, Academic Achievement in Drama and Honor Roll. Her motivation in life comes from her mother as she sees her mother as a strong woman who is an achiever and doesn't give up. Victoria is undecided in the direction of her future studies. Her friends and colleagues though, are quite confident that with her compassion, patience, love of animals, special needs children and the arts, her life will always be very fulfilling. Victoria has chosen to be a participant in this Pageant to broaden her horizons and learn more about the interests of other young women in her country and around the world. Her charity of choice is the Autism Society.

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