2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Willow M.
City: Sault Ste Marie
Hometown: ON
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Willow is going into her final year of highschool at Superior Heights CVS this fall. She currently resides in the small town of Sault Ste Marie. She is fluent in french and english and has consistently been on honour roll throughout high school and received the highest mark in construction. She aspires to go to Dalhousie university and study neurology. Willow loves to try new things and is always finding new experiences such as this pageant. She is a very hardworking and outgoing individual and when she sets a goal there is no deterring her. She is a very ambitious student athlete and competes for her school in many sports such as cross country running, volleyball, track and field and soccer. She has competed in a multitude of these sports at regionals. Aside from that her favourite place to be is the Steel City MMA gym where she can be found working hard 6 days a week. She is currently boxing, kickboxing and doing jiu jitsu. Her dream is to fight in the UFC. Willow participates in many volunteer activities which include coaching competitive gymnastics and working with elderly at the davey home with her grandparents who inspire and motivate her everyday. She has even travelled to Nicaragua to help build a school for children as she is very passionate about education and helping others. She wanted to compete in this pageant try something different and hopefully learn new things. 

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