2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Winnie M.
City: Toronto
Hometown: ON
Major Sponsor: Family and Friends


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Winnie was born in Toronto, Ontario, in the heart of downtown, and still resides here today. Winnie is a fresh face in the pageant community, and Miss Canada Petite 2017 will be her first experience ever. One reason Winnie is influenced to take part of the pageant industry is to become a role model and to set a positive example to the younger generations. Beginning at a young age, Winnie has been self-conscious of her body, and constantly trying to change it based on new trends and preferences of society. However, she recently discovered the road to self-love and acceptance, and has a new found passion to help other young ladies feel confident in their own bodies. 

Winnie is currently a student, and spends a majority of her time in classes or studying the material. A few of her favourite subjects includes biology, chemistry, and computer science. She adores learning new things, and loves the satisfaction of completing a challenging problem. Throughout her youth, she has been actively looking for academic opportunities to help her broaden her horizons and gain new experience. This determination has led her to work with Ryerson University on their Youth Think Tank, a team of students who interview famous engineers and encourage young ladies to participate in STEM careers. In addition, she has recently worked with Chapman’s Ice Cream to help promote their new products, modelled for MarqueeNoir’s clothing line, and applied to become a TEDTalk youth ambassador for the 2017 year. Winnie is currently planning to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering.  

In her spare time, Winnie enjoys to indulge in musical arts. She has been playing the piano since the age of 7, however, in the recent years, she has become self-taught for various techniques and songs. Her favourite instrument to play is the violin, which she is also self-taught in. Winnie also has a passion of costume making and sewing. She has created various costumes for events such as ComicCon and FanExpo, and has even sewn a few pieces for friends and families. Her peers describe her as bubbly, creative, and a great person to be friends with.


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