2018 MCGP National Delegate
Name: Xheneta I
City: Toronto
Hometown: ON
Major Sponsor: Friends and Family


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Xheneta is currently studying Business and French. She was born in Kosovo, and moved to Canada when she was 2 with her family. She loves painting and drawing, as well as spending down-time with her adorable puppy. Xheneta loves the sun and lives for the summer days she can spend at the beach. Her hobbies also include volunteering, and advocating for human & animal rights. She believes everyone can help make a difference to better our world, and it all starts by stepping up as an individual. 


Xheneta speaks three languages and loves the diversity of her country. She is proud to live in such an accepting country where people aren’t discriminated on physical, racial, economical, or sexual bases. She hopes for the whole world to look up to Canada and for them to aspire to become as welcoming and tolerant. She joined this pageant to meet new people and to make new memories while gaining experience and hopefully making new friends. Xheneta loves to travel and try new things, so she’s looking forward to this journey!