2020 Miss Teen Canada Globe
Name: Miss Teen Central Newfoundland Globe 2019/20. Madison Foley
Age: 17
City: St. Brides
Hometown: Newfoundland and Labrador
Major Sponsor: TBA


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Vote for Madison to win Miss Teen Peoples Choice and help her advance to be in the Final 5 of the Miss Teen Canada Globe 2019 Pageant. Wastch her video by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/lgC6VMkNW2s
Madison is currently in her junior year of high school at Fatima Academy, in St. Brides. Madison aspires to be a successful lawyer, because of her strong interests in criminal history and crimes. Madison loves to read, and play her ukulele and hang out with her friends. Being from St. Brides, Cape Shore there isn’t much to do since only 250 people reside there. She is involved in her community as much as she can and tries to help benefit her small town. 
She spent multiple years in Cadets and has been to camp two years in a row. She was a strong part of her core 2558 RCCAC and loved participating in various activities and events. She was ranked Master Corporal and had the wonderful opportunity of presenting her core a speech at their annual ACR. Madison enjoyed her weeks' long trips at summer camp and is so glad to still be in touch with her friends from all over the country.
Madison also loves charity work and in her past years has participated in Heart and Stroke Foundation, Janeway Jamarama, Ronald McDonald Shoe Crew Walk, and many more organizations. She is a strong part of her student council committee and loves to plan spirit weeks and different activities for the younger children to get involved in.