2020 Miss Teen Canada Globe
Name: Miss Teen Saskatchewan Globe 2019/20, Sharlena Hansen
Age: 16
City: Wollaston Lake
Hometown: Saskatchewan
Major Sponsor: TBA


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Sharlena was born in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, she’s currently in year 11 of high school in Prince Albert Sk. She speaks fluently aboriginal language Dene and also English. Her ambitions are to graduate high school, and go into law school to become a lawyer. She just turned 16 in May and her mother Anne applied for miss teen Canada in May of 2019 and is representing Toronto in Miss teen Canada. Sharlena’s only talents’ is singing, and still learning on playing guitar.

In the past 2 years back in 2017 summer, Sharlena has volunteered at the Victoria hospital in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She shares her talent by performing at special occasions events in her community of Hatchet Lake Denesuline Nation in northern Saskatchewan, such as Canada day and carnival talent shows. Through entering the pageant, she hopes to gain more opportunities in the future to work with charities across the country.

Sharlena enjoys playing guitar, playing volleyball, and video games. Sharlena will be a great deal of role model to our dene nation, showing them that there is a big world out there to see a lot of opportunities and become who they set their mind to be, as in becoming a lawyer or doctor, and etc…

Her mother Anne is one of her most hero, who is really fond of her daughter and wants what is best of Sharlena’s interest. Anne’s quote to her daughter was, “Sharlena this pageant is one of the best opportunity for you to travel the world like you always wanted to”. She was one of the shyest little girl and always wanted to sing in talent shows, and just these past few years. Sharlena has come out of her shyness and now in a competition with all other Canadian contestants. She is thankful to be here.