2020 Miss Teen Canada Globe
Name: Emma C.
Age: 13
City: Mississauga
Hometown: Ontario
Major Sponsor: TBA


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Emma is in her last year of middle school soon to start high school. She has won countless awards at her previous schools such as the kindness award, multiple honor roles, and has volunteered throughout her neighborhood activities.
As Emma is still young there aren’t many job opportunities out there for her, so she has taken the initiative to babysit! Emma is a people's person and has a personality where she can become friends with almost anyone! She has done quite a few school events (award ceremony's, Christmas concerts, assembly's) where she was MCing! As proud as she is, Emma still gets nervous at times and gets stage fright, which of course is totally normal but she is hoping that Miss Canada can help build up her confidence!
Nevertheless Emma takes pride in her academic achievements as well as all sports, singing, reading, writing, helping others, and spending time with her family and friends! She hasn't had much experience with modeling and is more that happy to explore a new chapter in her life! She is also extremely excited and looking forward to take on the challenge of Miss Teen Canada Globe this summer.