2020 Miss Teen Canada Globe
Name: Miss Teen Southern Alberta Globe 2019/20, Joyce Huang
Age: 15
City: Calgary
Hometown: Alberta
Major Sponsor: TBA


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Vote for Joyce to win Miss Teen Peoples Choice and help her advance to the Final 5 of Miss Teen Canada Globe 2019 Pageant. To watch her video, please click the link here: https://youtu.be/zKhYYUm9KHg

Joyce is a passionate and kind young woman who strives for excellence and personal growth in all aspects of life. Born in China and immigrated to Canada at just 3 years old, she spent her childhood in Calgary, Alberta. At just 12 years of age she won a silver medal at Can Am international martial arts championships. Joyce has developed a passion for martial arts from her very first lesson, as a sport that teaches self-discipline and socialization, she quickly became interested in fitness and through the first year of learning the sport, her Si Fu, which means skillful person or master, would ask her to lead classes and demonstrate for the younger ones.  In the ninth grade she participated in track and field and approaching the tenth grade she joined the highschool rugby team. Having to wake up early in the mornings for workouts and practices, she instantly became aware that rugby was a sport of determination and discipline. At 14 years old she had started taking acting workshops and classes with Patti Falconer Agency, competing in for the first time at Faces West International Model And Talent Convention in Vancouver, she had placed 2nd runner up for TV commercial. Now at age 15, Joyce has become a curious individual that is always wanting to learn more. Others say that Joyce will always approach people with a bright smile. From a young age, Joyce has discovered her place as a role model in her community, she believes that it’s very important to be the hardest working person in the room. Naturally an ambitious individual that is driven by the principle of gratitude, Joyce started sharing her stories of her struggles with mental health and eating disorders through social media as young girls approached her to share their own stories and even ask for advice. Overcoming both mental illness and eating disorders has her biggest breakthrough. Joyce dreams to educate young girls around the world, help those in need and be a voice for the ones that need to be heard.